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The EUROLAS Data Center (EDC) as ILRS Operation Center (OC) has the task to check the format of all incoming CRD files from the stations. In the process of checking the submitted data sets in the data flow, the EDC checks the following files which can be found here. The software on this page can be used for checking normal point data (CRD) and full-rate data (CRD) data.

The target group for this tools are

  • station managers of new stations sending their first data to the data centers.
  • station managers of stations who changed their software for the creation of CRD data.
  • users who are working with CRD data.

Procedure of checking data sets:

  • Uploading CRD file
  • Checking CRD file
  • Retrieve Summary

Detailed information of quality checks:

You can find the upload form for checking your CRD data after login.

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