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Products derived from SLR data archived in the EDC support scientific research in:

  • Terrestrial reference frame (center of mass and scale)
  • Improve understanding of the dynamics and modeling of GNSS orbits (one of our major users)
  • Calibration and validation of ocean and ice altimetry missions
  • Static and time-varying gravity field (low order/degree terms)
  • Plate tectonics and crustal deformation
  • Earth orientation and rotation (polar motion, length of day)
  • Total Earth mass distribution
  • Space science - satellite dynamics, etc.
  • Relativity and lunar science

The EDC archive of laser ranging products consists of solutions derived by analysis centers in support of the ILRS. The ILRS combination centers retrieve these solutions and produce the combined ILRS A and B solutions (generated by the primary and backup ILRS combination centers, respectively). Products derived from these SLR observations include precise satellite ephemerides, station positions and velocities of sites in the ILRS network, and EOPs (polar motion and rates, length-of-day). ILRS analysis and combination centers deliver the precise orbit and station position/EOP products to the ILRS data centers, including the EDC.

List of Products

Quality Control of ILRS products

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