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Reference Frame Products

The EDC archive of laser ranging products consists of solutions derived by analysis centers in support of the ILRS. Products derived from these SLR observations include precise satellite ephemerides, station positions and velocities of sites in the ILRS network, and EOPs (polar motion and rates, length-of-day). ILRS analysis centers deliver the station position/EOP product to the ILRS data centers, including the EDC. The ILRS combination centers retrieve these solutions and produce the combined ILRS A and B solutions (generated by the primary and backup ILRS combination centers, respectively) which are in turn archived in the EDC. Prior to 2012, ILRS analysis centers generated the products on a weekly basis; today, these products are generated daily. Station positions and EOP date from 1976 through the present. SLR products are available from the EDC in subdirectories by year and date.

Reference Frames:

Product formats:

  • Software INdependent EXchange (SINEX) format

The starting directory for these files is:


Append the following directory and file names to the starting directory:


as described in the table below.

Code Meaning
YYYY 4-digit year
YY 2-digit year
MM 2-digit month
DD 2-digit day
ACNAME Analysis Center Name
### version of solution
TYP type of solution (SNX or SUM)
gz gzip compressed file

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