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Data Browser

The 'Data Browser' allows users to browse in the data holding of EDC.

Data Type:
Satellite: (e.g. 7603901)
Station (not CPF): (e.g. 78272201, 7827%)
Provider (only CPF): (e.g. UTX)
Start Data date: (e.g. 2017-01-23, 2017-01%, 2017%, >2017-01-12, >=2017-02-13)
End Data date: (e.g. 2017-01-23, 2017-01%, 2017%, <2017-01-12, <=2017-02-13)
Incoming Filename:
Incoming Date: (e.g. 2017-01-23, 2017-01%, 2017%, >2017-01-12, >=2017-02-13)
Version: (e.g. 00, 01, 02) Note: Not considered for CPF!
Output Format:
Show Out-of-Date Data (not CPF): Note: Shows additonal data sets which were resubmitted/overwritten by newer data sets!
These data sets are cross out in the search result.
Order by:
% can be used as asterisk in search string